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Do you think that Facebook has the best interests of Christians at heart?

The reality is that Facebook is a very liberal organization and not friendly toward Christians. Google search: ( Facebook Policy Christian ).  You can't stop finding bad news.  But let's not throw the baby out with the bath water just yet.

Second question: Should we be building our online Churches directly in the Facebook Garden?  

The answer is multidimensional.  Facebook offers solid reasonably user friendly tech capabilities and most of your (30yrs old +) congregants are already there.  On the other hand, it's Facebook's tech, they are not Christian friendly, and it's very distracting by design.

Third question: How can help?

Freedom - The is 100% cost and advertising free.  We do that because we don't ever want a bias that takes away from our mission.  We are Christians and we serve God and the Church.  We built the to help Churches grow and thrive digitally.  A big part of that is helping reduce secular reliance.

God's House - The Church is God's house.  Your website is part of your Church.  Facebook is not God's house.  YouTube is not God's house. For sure we should be discipling in those places, but not building our Churches inside them.  We built to live inside your Church's website.  This is absolutely crucial to how we help you retain control.  Bring your congregants to your church website, where they belong.

Secular Independence - The is specifically integrated to work with Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and about 20 other secular services.  More choices allow you to break reliance without abandoning the benefits.  You don't need to leave Facebook - use them as a tool that you control. Use Facebook to embed video on your Church website. Use YouTube to draw new people to your Church website.  

Tithing - Simply put we enable you to use any tithing platform you like.  Churches need money to survive. We don't restrict or force you to do our thing.  We instead encourage you to do what works best for funding your Church.

Personal Service & Commitment - The always came with free personal service to help with technical setups. We have since learned that Churches need more, and have increased our services to truly help Churches with their digital strategies.  We have a focused program that help ministries:  1 - grow, 2 - engage, 3 - fund.  We are not just here to move tech, we're here to help Churches succeed.

The thing is we don't truly know what the next chapter looks like or even when it will happen. We do know with a little elbow grease and some good choices - your Church can not only survive but can also thrive in digital.

For help getting started;

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